Research to Alleviate Suffering

Depression is a health crisis of epidemic proportions. According to the World Health Organization, it is the leading cause of disability in the world. There is an urgent need to identify and test novel treatments that may benefit people suffering from depression.

Usona is striving to answer that need.

As part of our mission to alleviate mental suffering, we are exploring the therapeutic potential of consciousness‑expanding medicines like psilocybin.

World‑renowned experts guide us, with internal and collaborative expertise in the fields of mental health and psilocybin research. We are currently developing research studies focusing on psilocybin as a treatment for depression.

Non‑Profit Serving the Public Good

Usona’s Co- Executive Director Malynn Utzinger, MD, discusses how Usona came to be founded as a non-profit medical research organization (MRO).

In 2013 Bill Linton and Malynn Utzinger began to discuss their shared interest in research exploring psilocybin as a potential treatment for psychological distress. The results of previous studies were inspiring, but a lot of work was still necessary to move this important research forward. In 2014, Usona Institute became a non-profit with the ultimate goal of shepherding psilocybin research through the necessary phases of clinical trials so that the FDA can thoroughly evaluate it as a possible prescribed treatment for depression.


Commitment to Collaboration and Open Science

We believe that openness, transparency, and collaboration in the research of therapeutic uses of psychedelics will move this field forward most efficiently and honorably. As a non‑profit medical research organization dedicated to working for the public good, we are pleased to commit ourselves to this approach.

We are part of a collection of like‑minded organizations and individuals working toward advancing the understanding and beneficial uses of psychedelics. In this spirit, we are committed to practicing scientific integrity, service, and open science that place our discoveries in the public domain for the benefit of all.

Usona’s mission and work is made possible through collaboration with many scientists, clinicians, research centers, and expert consultants. We are honored to have collaborated with investigators and scientists from the following institutions:

Psilocybin Research in the News

MD Magazine
Running Away or Righting The Way: Is Psilocybin a Viable Psychiatric Treatment?

Chuck Raison, MD, Usona Institute’s Director of Clinical and Translational Research, and collaborator Michael Bogenschutz, MD, discuss the history and potential of psilocybin research.

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The Scientist
Decoding the Tripping Brain

Usona collaborator Roland Griffiths, PhD, and Charles Grob, MD, discuss some of the ways scientists are beginning to unravel the mechanisms behind the therapeutic effects of psychedelic drugs.

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The New Yorker
The Trip Treatment

In this Michael Pollan piece, Usona collaborator Stephen Ross and others discuss how research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results.

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